5 Health Hacks Fitness Pros Swear By

health hacks

health hacks

With the vast amount of information on the internet these day, it’s hard to find the right fitness advice.  You can find stories about people on a taco bell diet who swear they’ve lost 30 pounds in a month.  You’ll also discover stories about life long meat eaters who went totally vegan.  You’ll find yourself questioning what’s right, and what’s going to work for you!  That’s when you need to find some trusted tried and true health hacks that work, no matter what!

After spending years learning out fitness, reading blogs, spending time with fitness professionals, I’ve compiled a list of “health hacks” that are universal and can be applied to any diet or lifestyle.  These super simple pieces of advice will have you not just dropping those extra pounds, but they can also completely change your health!

Health Hack Number One – Get Some Rest

This super easy hack is likely to be one of the BEST on the list, and one you can quickly get behind.  Who doesn’t love a little extra shut-eye.  There are a couple reasons you’ll find that sleeping does your body good!  When you’re asleep, your body is busy repairing itself and in order for it to do that, it’s using energy.

Energy = Calories

Your body actually uses a fair amount of calories while you sleep, it’s why many experts tell you to not each late at night.  It’s so you body can burn of calories rather than food you’ve recently eaten.  If you’re wondering just how much you burn at night,  it’s about 1/2 a calorie for every pound of body weight, per hour.  If you’re 150 pounds for example, you’d burn 75 calories each hour you’re asleep.  That’s a whopping 600 calories if you sleep the recommended eight hours each night.  Keep in mind, this is an average so you may not experience the exact same calorie burn as someone else.  Either way, sleeping burns calories while you’re literally doing nothing and you’re also abstaining from eating during that time so it’s a total no-brainer.

Get more sleep!

Health Hack Number Two – Drink More Water

Thirsty?  Drink more water.

Want to feel full?  Drink more water.

Want to lose some weight?  Drink more water.

Want gorgeous, dewy skin?  Drink more water.

Water is by far one of the best health hacks out there.  It can quench a thirst (obviously) better than any soda or sports drink available.  (Plus, it’s much healthier than those sugary drinks anyways.)  You’ll also experience the benefits of weight loss because water can help you feel full (we humans sometime mistake thirst for hunger).  If you’re having a craving, drink a glass of water and see if that helps satisfy it.  You’d be amazed at how many times I’ve wanted a chocolate bar and all I really needed to do was get hydrated.  The numerous health benefits of water are worth keeping a water bottle on hand at all times.  I personally carry a 24oz glass water bottle with me everywhere I go and I always make sure to refill it promptly!  Stick to the rule of thumb you’ve probably heard many times over the years:

Aim to drink Eight, 8oz Glasses each day.

Health Hack Number Three – Cut yourself some slack!

You will inevitably have days where you fall off the healthy wagon.  Maybe you a snickers bar, maybe you ate five snickers bars… Whatever it is, let it go.  Practice self love in all areas of your life, but especially with your health.  Your healthy eating will still be there tomorrow!  As long as you’re not participating in an “All You Can Eat Donut Competition” it’s unlikely that one day of unhealthy eating will drastically change the results you’ve already achieved.

There’s a real concern in the health and fitness industry with young girls trying to achieve and maintain impossible standards.  The narrative we should be spinning is that it’s great to eat healthy, and that it’s also okay to indulge.  The popular 80/20 rules is probably the best advice out there:

80% of the time, eat healthy.  The other 20% of the time, indulge a little.

By following the 80/20 rule your promoting a healthy mindset that doesn’t force you to punish yourself when you want a little ice cream or chocolate.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with your body and also know that feeding your cravings once in a while can help keep you from an all out binge down the road.

Health Hack Number Four – Create some #Goals

A great way to keep you motivated and on track with your health and fitness is to create some attainable goals.

Your goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Attainable
  • Have an “end-date”
  • Measurable.

A goal like “I want to lose 35 pounds” is too vague and it doesn’t give you that motivation to stick to it.  Also, depending on how much you need to lose, that could be wildly unattainable if you’re trying to do it by next week.  Something a little more specific would sound like “Today is July 10th and I plan to lose 5 pounds, by August 5th”.  It’s specific, attainable, measurable and it gives you a date to strive for.

Once you’ve come up with a goal, give yourself a little reward once you’ve achieved that goal.  If you’re trying to lose 5lbs by August, maybe you can treat yourself to a pedicure or a new bathing suit for putting in the work and keeping yourself on track.  A little reward can really help amp up the motivation to reaching your set goal.

Health Hack Number Five – Skip The Fads

Every week there’s a new “fad” out there promising ridiculous weight loss, the fountain of youth, or a way to get rich quick.  If it’s promising you results that seem too good to be true, it’s because they probably are.  Not only that, these types of fads don’t last, nor do the results (if you actually see any).  Your best bet is to stick with what’s tried and true and proven to work over the years.

You know that eating healthy and working out consistently will help you get in shape (and stay there.)

You know that good hydration, sunscreen, and moisturizer will keep your skin looking healthy.


You know that hard work will help you attain your dreams.

Stick with those lessons and you’ll never be left chasing dreams, or wondering why you’re stuck in an unhealthy cycle of chasing fad to fad.

Did I miss any helpful hacks that you incorporate in your daily routine?  I’d like to add to the list so feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email via the Contact Me page and let me know.


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